Pork tenderloin on the BBQ

I started buying Costco pork tenderloins, What do you do with these things, relatively low cost, lean, they look good. But are very lean and if cooked wrong, can taste like wood.

this is what I do, and it turns out wonderful. Real simple too.

I do this on my Barbecue grill. First take it and brown it on a hot grill. We are not cooking it yet, just searing it to retain what juces it has. Remove it from the grill, lower the heat.

Now the magic. You will need some heavy duty aluminum foil (real wide), a bottle of something to provide moisture to the 'loin. Good choices are Italian dressing, barbecue sauce, Mexican salsa, just pick something with a high water and oil content.

Take the browned pork loin, place it on the foil, fold the foil up to contain the sauce that we are pouring on, now pour on the sauce, finish folding up the foil to seal it up pretty good, use another piece from the top. Heavy duty foil usually does not need the second piece. Seal it up real good.

Place it on your grill at low heat (250 F) for a couple of hours on indirect heat. No need to turn, the aluminum will spread the heat out.

What you end up with is tender pork, nice and moist and falling apart.


By: Jim Dodgen